Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just the TWO of us in San Francisco!!

Napa was fantastic! We visited Cakebread, GeGich and V. Sattui. Perfect weather, perfect day.... Chinatown in San Francisco was totally crazy and different from Chinatown in NYC. At the time that we were there, we were the ONLY non-Asians around. They had all of their fruits, vegatables, (still flopping around), even turtles and FROGS LIVE and for sale.

A view from the bottom of Lombard, the most curvy street in America.
On our way to visit Alcatraz. The best tour we've EVER taken. Even met a ex-con and 4 year resident of Alcatraz.

Cable Car on the streets of San fun!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and commentary!!
Makes me want to go back.