Monday, January 15, 2007

Her first ear infection....terrible

This morning Carlisle and I were at the Doctors office at 8:30am when the doors opened, to get seen. Although she felt horrible and was laying in my arms, at the sight of the other adults with their sick babies, she sat up, smiled warmly, sniffled and then waved at every single person in the room.
The doctor confirmed our fears, she has an ear infection. So, after getting the prescription filled we were home for lots of hugs, rubs, snuggles and this is where she has been from noon until this evening...dosing all day. Pitiful little baby. But, the oral antibiotic medication seems to be doing the trick. She is sleeping now and we are hoping that she will be back to lively tomorrow.

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Tallon said...

sooo sooo sorry to hear about the ear infection- no fun!!!!! I hope she feels better soon!!!