Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday was FAMILY-LOVE-DAY from sun-up to sun-down!

Fishing at sunset with the family is truly the funnest thing I have done in forever. The weather was breezy and warm, the baby loved fish and made fish face complete with fish sounds the entire time.
(Brian told me tonight this is his favorite post ever. He loves this special girl.)
Have you ever seen lips like this?
Driving out to her Daddy's favorite fishing spot. Brian decided fishing with a tiny pink Barbie rod is harder than it looks. But for the seasoned pro, he still caught her some Bream (that's how it's spelled, but pronounced Brim - which y'all may have known, I didn't!). We didn't keep any, just threw them back.

I don't know who loved it more.
One of the poor little guys that served as bait.

We even caught some fish!
Carlisle's response.

Fish really are so slimmy...but we love em cause they flop around. Tuffy-girl even touched one....notice I say one. After he flopped on the floor of the boat, she'd had enough.

Check out this flattering expression!

The touch...

The flop.
In celebration...of catching the fish! One more FISH FACE.
Sunset was beautiful tonight...Brian took 1000000 pictures of me driving his boat. He loved having his girls with him!
She makes EVERYTHING we do more fun.

We saw birds, turtles, geese, ducks, fish, bugs, crickets, egrets, blue herrings and more.
Headed home!


Eric & Stephanie said...

I want to come over for your next Family-Love-Day!!!

Stephanie Blackiston said...

So super-FUN! Jennie, you are such a tough, boat-driving,pregnant,
momma. Isn't it great that we are keeping these blogs. It is almost as good as journaling!

Chris and Anna said...

Sooo cute! I love the fish face! I need a Barbie fishing rod. Maybe, I could become the "fish Jedi" my husband is (or so he says) if I had one?!...

Andrea said...

Great pictures!!! I LOVE the fish face!!

Heidi said...

My favorite picture was the one of her holding Daddy's leg. Even though you can't see their faces, what a perfect picture of Daddy and his little girl.