Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sweet times in Charlotte on Saturday!

Carlisle, Tami and I jetted to Charlotte, just for the night, to join Mom and Julie for a GIRLS NIGHT! We dined at Cantina, on Guacomole....made at your table. Best I've ever eaten.
Making friends....or trying to....with Nellie. This fabulous waterpark for kids is literally in Julie's neighborhood...seconds from their front door!

Headed home from a girl shopping fiasco!!
We love you Aunt Ju-Ju, GrandMayMay and Tam-Tam!


Anonymous said...

That is a great waterpark! I love, love, love her bikini!

Eric & Stephanie said...

We need a waterpark like that here! Hey Kiki...what is the deal with your blog site??? I want to see PICTURES!!! Hope you guys are doing well =) Steph

Justin and Marketa said...

I adore the bikini top and skirt. How cute?!