Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our picturesque summer-fun afternoon

Summertime fun in the hot SC sun!

Amy invited us over for pool fun. We arrived around noon and the kids sat at the picnic table and devoured a scrumptious snack before playing, splashing and enjoying the pool.

The girls!
Carlisle, Grayson, Abriannna (one of the triplets), and Faith Marie (one of the twins) Quick story from our evening....
Right before bed tonight, Brian, Carlisle and I had an animal-noise-making contest! I would say "Elephant!" Carlisle would blow her best trunk noise. Then she would say "BEAU-BEAU" and Brian and I would do our best "woof-woof!". Then Brian would say "OWL" and Carlisle would "Hoo-Hoo!" with a HUGE grin on her face....This went on and on, round and round, for 30 minutes! The three of us must have named 65 animals!
It was THE best thing that's happened this month. She is such a sweet girl. Two more teeth cut in this week, now that that is over, she is back to happy-go-lucky...even better than that. She is truly something special. Sweet, most precious, happy, laughing angel...that describes our girl.
Seth is such a cutie with his thick southern accent. Leah, I was elated that you and Dawson were able to spontaneously come today!
The boys!

Brannon (one of the triplets), Seth (one of the twins), Caedyn (one of the triplets)!

Carlisle sat at the childrens table with all the "BIG KIDS"....

And enjoyed her WATERMELON....

And enjoyed her peanut butter and jelly sandwich...

and enjoyed snacks too!

She wasn't the only one loving the watermelon!!! She also loved being with Stacey! When she was literally barely able to hold her head up, she still didn't want to leave at 3:00pm. She couldn't even move, she just sat as still as could sucking on her bottom lip in Stacey's lap, hoping I'd leave her alone and not load her into the hot car.
Thank you Amy for the perfect day...the chicken salad, summer spinach salad, watermelon, ice cream, sandwiches and treats for the kids. It was PERFECT!


Eric & Stephanie said...

Next time, please video the animal noise contest!!!

The Giordano crew said...

Once again we had so much fun!!! The babes and I loved every minute, and we are completely ready to do it all over again. The whole group....Lots of love, Amy

leah medina said...

Dawson & I had a great day! Thank you for letting us join in the fun. Next time we'll be prepared and stay longer! Luv, Leah :)