Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our first "Road Trip"

Le Le, the Girls and I traveled to Georgetown on Tuesday. It was Evelyn's first road trip and it went super smoothly. Of course, she slept through the entire event. Waking once to eat.
Carlisle on the other hand, was into everything! She even got to see her PaPa!
She had a ball, and got tons of love and attention!
I love you State Farm girls! Thanks for letting us visit!
And thank you for showering the girls with gorgeous gifts.

Karen, the baby lover and baby snuggler!
The Big Sister Gift
"Is this present for me?!!?"

It's so sweet! Thank you y'all for remembering Carlisle too!
Yesterday morning, she found the diaper bag, found her gift and put it on before her Dr appointment! Then she walked up to Brian and said, "BEAUTIFUL!"

Lynn gets some lovin!
I can't get enough either!

Emily entertains Carlisle for 30 minutes with a key and her drawer!

1 comment:

Andy said...

Carlisle is right... it was BEAUTIFUL!!

Hope everyone is well. We want to try to see little Evelyn again soon. (Lara's sick right now, so no use until she gets over the NASTY cold she has).

Tell Brian and Carlisle that Maleah, Lara and I said "hi".