Sunday, February 24, 2008

A simple pleasure - The CIRCUS was in town!

If you get there an hour early, they parade around a couple of animals and do a couple of tricks and you can stand super close.
That's where Carlisle saw her "favorite animal".
The "baby zebra".

Anxiously anticipating the start of the show!

We have NEVER seen a child eat so much popcorn.
Here is a box of popcorn that Brian got her. It was almost as big as she is.
I had to fight to get a few munches. Look how pleased she is with the situation!

At this point, Carlisle said, "That elephant has a big bottom".


Notice Popcorn Girl...

And amist all the chaos of the circus, Evie fell asleep!

So terrific.

Brian said it was his favorite family event we've done together since Evelyn was born. I have to agree. We had SO much fun!!

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Dr. L said...

What a fun time! I love the family portrait!