Sunday, February 03, 2008

When the weather warms up, go to the Zoo!

It really was a Zoo!
What a blessing that our family has multiplied SO much!
We have 5, soon to be SIX babies! All under the age of 2 years!

Foster (7 weeks) in Julie's arms, Evelyn (20 weeks) in Jennie's arms, Carlisle (2) on Brian's shoulders, Myers (10 months) in Stephanie's arms All the little ones chilled with their Mama's in the Bjorn.
We were all so glad that Me Me joined the fun!
It was Myers FIRST Zoo trip!
The little ones pseudo-slept!
I love this baby!
The birds love the nectar, sugar water, something liquid...
And they don't just drink it, they SLING it. Right into Brian's eyes!

Baby Foster even made the big trip to the zoo.
We think he loved it! He mostly slept!

I really love this self portrait


Uncle Andy said...

That looks like a GREAT time! Sorry that I couldn't come & scare Carlisle some more! :-)

Thanks for letting us "drop in" with the Professor from France (Nicholas). He really enjoyed spending time with an American family & seeing what it was like to be in someone's home for a while.

Look forward to the next chance to visit with y'all.

sage said...

looks like so much fun! carlisle seems to have really enjoyed it! sooooooo fun!

Brandi said...

I love the wings. She is sooo cool!

amyop said...

I love these family pics to the Zoo! What a sweet, lovable family of 4! You guys are the best!