Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Livin with a FISHERMAN

Brian mowed our getting-greener-everyday grass, so that we could enjoy family time fishing.
The weather was incredible.
Carlisle had to help.Check out Carlisle's face in this one.
Afraid that she was going to get pummeled by a grass blade, I guess. Set up for a peaceful evening of fishing.
Minus the fact that Carlisle kept tipping her chair forward precariously escaping taking a dip in the lake every second.
Evie being VERY hungry. (Code for...I took her inside and gave her a bottle)
And Beau Beau, our big pup, barking everytime Brian cast a rod.

Evie has the most gutteral, fantastic, infectious laughter in the history of the world. If I can figure out how to do videos, I'll put it on.
Time, doing anything, with Brian and the girls
is time well spent.

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Aron said...

Cute family time! Looks so fun!