Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Birthday Boy was timid...but his cousin and Dad...Not so much...


We love you SOOOO much!!!Myers...our darling nephew turned ONE on Friday.

The big, fun party was on Saturday in Charleston...

Stephanie did an amazing job making the party so special.My children enjoyed the cake more than seems humanly possible.
They almost never get sweets. Carlisle turned into a cake scavenger.
We totally deprive them...or at least that is how it appeared to everyone.
Carlisle was at eye-level with the cake. Not to mention hand-level with the cake.

That is where her brilliant plan was hatched....Myers wasn't particularly interested in the cake. But my Carlisle was.
Everyone was encouraging Myers to put his fingers in the cake, to eat the icing.
Carlisle quietly took note.
She got an enormous finger full.

No one stopped her.

She ate it right off her finger.

No one stopped her.

She got another.

No one stopped her.

She was home free.

She liked it so much, she got another huge finger full....
Here's the sweet part..
(this is my favorite Carlisle/Evelyn story to date)
She then thought of her sister.
She scooped in, icing all over her finger and walked across the room.
She thrust it straight into Evie's mouth.
Evie, the only-had-milk-babyfood-bananas-girl almost freaked.
This continued to happen for 10 minutes.
Probably, no exaggeration, 20 fingerfulls of icing for Evie.
Everyone was enjoying watching them GORGE. I thought it was terrific. Carlisle walked 1.2 miles back and forth between the cake sitting infront of Myers, over to Evie across the room. It was the most genuine, kind thing a sister could do.
My heart swelled with love for these little ones.

Carlisle is so happy with herself.
Notice the pleased/shocked look on Evie's face. Then Uncle Icky joined in.
For those of you that liked the Bridge Run pic, thought you'd like these two also.
The funny part was, Myers, used to his fathers antics, thought nothing of it.


Eric & Stephanie said...

Thanks for making Myers' party so much fun!!!

charlie&gracie said...

so sweet! I love when charlie takes care of gracie. its so sweet!

Tallon said...

That is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! I would have loved to have watched Carlisle feed Evelyn!! too cute!! maybe you should introduce sweets a little more often!! ha