Saturday, April 26, 2008

For those of you that wonder what Carlisle looked like at Evie's age...who's who???


Julie and Luke said...

I was JUST TODAY thinking about Carlisle's fuzzy hair at 4-5 months old. And how fun she was at Alicia's wedding when I would steal her away from yall every morning!

Tallon said...

my guess-
fist pic is Evie
2nd pic is Carlisle

Let me know if I am right!! They are BOTH CUTIES!!!

Aron said...

It has to be Evie in the first and Carlisle in the second. Such CUTE girls! They definitely look alike!

Stephanie said...

first- Evie
second- Carlisle

charlie&gracie said...

i agree....

top -E
bottom C

they do totally look alike though!