Friday, May 09, 2008


The year of incredible change and fantastic opportunities.
We were living in Atlanta for the first half and moved to Dillon the second half.
We also got a big ol pup.
Can you believe this is Beau Beau as a little pupper?
He was a heartbreaker. Still is.This was our car.This was our attempt to get a professional picture of Brian for the billboard in Dillon.
We couldn't stop laughing...So he went the more serious route and ended up with this.
I like laughing-guy better!

This was my phat Atlanta office. With a view.
And, this was my mile-long hair.


The Ginfridas said...

I love the picture of the pupper! David and I call our dogs puppers, too. In fact, I don't think we use "dogs" much at all. Thank you!

According to Kiki! said...

Love the big ole' picture of Brian on the billboard. Cracks me up... he is a super star! Is it still there? I love Beau Beau! Such a good boy! Also, my hair is as long as your hair in that picture right now. I haven't had it cut since July!!!! I am going on Tuesday to have it done! Hip Hip hooray! I love you and miss you sweet girl!

The Severances said...

I love seeing your life in the past! What was your job?