Sunday, July 27, 2008

Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney Disney

NO CLUE where to begin describing our trip to Disney.
State Farm treated us to the trip, which is why we went in July.
Disney - In a word.
WILD. (oh, and HOT)
Side note...I used to work there.
Feels like so recently... but it was 12 years ago.
I used to go to the parks with my friends, other Disney employees, for free all the time.
So different, doing it with my two children!
It was:

1. Amazing to be reminded how many trillions of people, from around the world,
go to Disney in the summer.
2. Brazilians still don't wait in line....ever. They cut. It's nuts.
3. Total excitement through the eyes of a 2 year old. So much for her to take in.
4. Exhausting through the eyes of a 10 month old. She slept so so well, the whole week. She usually doesn't like pack-n-plays. She generally cries for a minute or 2 every time I lay her down. NOT this week! She was OUT immediately.
5. Mickey and Minnie are so cute and make even the adults smile.
They really are big time celebrities to a two year old....and me too.
6. The food is great? Huh? Or maybe we were just hot and hungry. But we had a taco salad at Magic Kingdom that was terrific.
7. Sending a 2 year old down a million waterslides at 2 different water parks never gets old. She isn't yet old enough to have fear of things like that, so she rode everything. Adults at the bottom of the slides chuckled at her.
8. Brian is amazing and has endless energy. He carried girls, ran pushing the stroller, entertained and put girls on his shoulders while we waited, and was consistantly just a delight.
9. People really did refer to the girls as princesses. And also really said, "Have a Magical Day".
10. Last but definitely not least! Grandparents are troopers! Because it's hot. Everything is a hike. Or a bus ride. And the girls weren't always on their best behavior. But, LeLe and PaPa were so sweet, excited for the girls, and fun!

With two girls in the stroller.
I wish I could have gotten a look at the ladies faces to his right. I am sure it was shock.
NO ONE runs. It's 750 degrees.
Meanwhile, the girls are SNORT LAUGHING.
Wish I'd had the video camera.

Do you see how nervious, overwhelmed and apprehensive she looks?
She warmed up and then couldn't get enough.

Evie didn't know what to think!
More shock and amazement as Carlisle sees the castle at the Magic Kindgom!

Where I used to work as a lifeguard!

Sweet tired baby.
I was waiting for Brian and Carlisle at the base of a massive waterslide.
Evie put her sweet head on my shoulder and fell asleep right after this shot.

Her Daddy bought her a jewelry box. $12.
Fill it with as much jewelry as you can fit. The lid has to shut.
Her treasures...

Showing off her jewels.

Olivia, Carlisle met your buddy! This picture is for you!
After being disciplined for a bad attitude. This is her "sweet girl face"
I love this one!

I feel sure that Carlisle enjoyed the Playhouse Disney Show
more than any other child that day. She was overjoyed.


Julie and Luke said...

Great job! I feel like I was there! Those are great pictures. I especially love the sweaty picture of Brian near the beginning :-) (the one of him with Minney Mouse)So fun to see Carlisle loving her time there!

Justin and Marketa said...

Great pics and commentary. I can't believe you worked there. You must have a really nice resume. You have "lived" so much in your lifetime and now you can share your experiences with your 2 wonderful girls. I love the picture of Evie towards the end. She looked so tired.

Aron said...

So, So Cute! I loved seeing all of Carlisle's faces, especially with Mickey and at the castle. And the ones of Evie. Poor thing looked so tired! I'm so glad y'all had a great time. Can't wait to talk to Carlisle about it!

Tallon said...

Fun pictures. soo glad you guys had a good time! the girls are tooo cute!!!

Eric & Stephanie said...

I LOVE the shark pic!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so darn cute =)

charlie&gracie said...

disney is so fun! I love your pics! we have taken charlie twice and gracie once and matt STILL goes on and on about the brazilians! we have yet to visit ol' blizzard beach because we have gone in january both times. Carlisle is such a doll baby and evie is super cute! thanks for a great post!

Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

I ADORE the pictures! Hot and sweaty and oh so FUN!!!!!