Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love when Brian says stuff like,
"You know, you used to do crazy hair with Carlisle. You should do crazy hair with Evelyn."

It totally appeals to me...
1. Because he loves me
2. Because he loves them
3. Because he loves crazy hair
4. Because he remembers
5. Because he wants their experiences to be similar
6. Because he NOTICES THEIR HAIR!!! How fun is that!?!?
He truly is the Perfect Dad of GIRLS!

The elusive dimple.

Not so crazy...I'll do better tomorrow Brian!

Really just cute.
I LOVE THESE CLIPS. I just discovered them.
Moms of girls, these are THE BEST.
(I forgot the name-I'll find out)

I've been working with her on baby sign language. So fun, and helpful.

It worked GREAT with Carlisle.
This is Evie's version of "more".
And this is her sign for "GET ME OUTTA HERE".
Right on.


Aron said...

That one tooth popping out is ADORABLE!

Megan N. Walkup said...

Baby sign language is very helpful. My sister has taught my niece "please" and "thank you". She will point to something and the rub her little heart (which means please). When she gets whatever she has asked for she will take her right hand from her chin out. (it looks like she is blowing a kiss but she is saying "thank you). So sweet!!!

Dr. L said...

Evie is so cute. And the clips are adorable. Of course you know I'm a strong advocate for teaching babies other languages. :-) Signing is great -- glad to see she is responding well!

Meredith said...

Your pictures are always sooo cute! Girls are so much fun! I love the hair clips. I would love to know what they are if you remember the name. My youngest little girl, Norah, always has to have her "bangs" pulled back or they stay in her face. I really enjoy your blog!

amyop said...

Look at all that hair! Man if we have a girl you will have to come over and help with the crazy wild hair- promise?

The Severances said...

That is cool about your hubby noticing!

Hey, do you think we could teach Evie and Josie to sign to each other! They could have like a little conversation. I guess it would be a little limited...please, thank you, more, all done, etc!

Maybe we will make up a sign just for Evelyn's name so she will do it when she sees her!!

charlie&gracie said...

okay.. first off I LOVE HER!! she is so cute!

Second, bummed we missed you this trip, we are here late october, and would LOVE to see you. We are still at Apostles. Plus, apparently after reading this post I need some training in crazy hair.... I am new to this girl stuff!