Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aerobics Mamas (and Daddy-O's)
at SHE magazine weekend!
~ZUMBA demo~
The biggest thank you to you who came to support McLeod and do a little dancing and grooving with me. I love you with all my heart.
Thank you for being MY inspiration,
and giving me a reason to teach aerobics everyday for all these years. Sidney, the camera dude from McLeod, was on hand at the SHE Magazine weekend in September to grab a few of these fun, dancing, action shots. We were doing a Zumba Demo at the magazines weekend Expo.
I have done it 5 years in a row.
You know how certain things are almost milestones, because you know they roll around every year...and it's just another year down. It helps with remembering the specifics of life, somehow.
Well get this for the last 5 years . . .

2004 - I had a broken foot, and was on the mic/ Twin-sister, Julie, came from Charlotte to do the demo/dancing/aerobics part.
2005 - Pregnant with Carlisle, my tummy was bouncing around with me
2006 - Carlisle, 8-mo old, watched, smiled and clapped
2007 - Evelyn was 3-days old. I was on the mic (but arrived wearing MY jeans!).
2008 - Just me and a STELLAR group! Biggest group and best demo ever!

I had a clip on mic. Usually I am holding a mic.
Here I am below, talking about WHO KNOWS WHAT.
Trust me, we are all SO glad these are pictures, not video.

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Brandi said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!! How did you get the hot dads that can dance? This post makes me so happy inside! I love it!!