Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Essense of a weekend with Brian

Magical. Brian and I zip off on our weekly dates, we hang out in the mornings over coffee, in the afternoons before the gym, in the evenings over dinner, on the weekends. I thank the LORD that I get to spend soooooo much time with him. BUT, getting away for a weekend. . .
Just Brian. And. Me. Huge. um... Amazing. Free. Really cool. (I am not feeling so articulate right now) um...super-duper, groovy-woovy, fabulous-dabulous.
It had been since June that we had left the girls and gone away. So we did. Like two ROCK STARS!
I truly am my childrens papparazzi. With them not along, Brian and I were IN the pictures for a change. That is really exciting for me.
Although. These pictures DON'T capture the fun we had. They don't capture the essence of the weekend. They don't capture the moments that we just devoured being together. No pictures of eating at a darling little cafe on Saturday morning (we didn't even brush our teeth, just went there and drank 300 cups of HOT coffee and I ate the biggest whole wheat pancake that has ever been made), no pictures of shopping hand-in-hand, no pictures of lolly gagging around just he and I, no pictures of sleeping in late. It all happened this weekend and it was GREAT. (Highly recommend weekends away. My Mom had the girls!)
AND, we went to a fantastic wedding.

So he got maybe (a little) overdone with the Jennie-laughing-taking-pictures-while-he's-driving-76 miles/hour thing. Sorry Buddy! I appreciate him. His lighthearted attitude on all aspects of life. (Except maybe about the election.) His joy in every circumstance. His humor. I love him. I adore him.

Happy Birthday Brian.

To the best guy in the whole world. The guy who, does a better job as a father than I knew was possible. The guy who, makes me laugh until I am silly giddy. The guy who, is really smart and knowledgable about stuff that no one even knows a tiny bit about. The guy who, still opens my car door. The guy who, has friends of all walks of life. The guy who, basis his decisions on the Word of God. The guy who, is the big optimist in the nations history. The guy who, has a 10 watt smile and uses it freely. The guy who, makes everyone around him feel good, loved and cared for. The guy GOD MADE FOR ME TO LOVE FOREVER AND EVER.
Happy Birthday Love.


taiterg said...

oh jennie. you make my heart smile ;-) thank you for sharing hese love moments in your life. and happy birthday brian!

gillian said...

What a sweet post about your love for you husband!!! I think it's AWESOME that y'all get to spend so much time together, staying connected!!! We've talked about the date night thing for YEARS but we just can't seem to get with the've encouraged me to try harder!

charlie&gracie said...

Happy birthday Brian!! We are super sad we missed seeing y'all this weekend.... maybe matt and I need to escape to charleston one weekend nad then we could see y'all!

Megan N. Walkup said...

What a fun weekend you. Thank you for sharing your sweet fun times of your life with everyone! Happy Birthday Brian!

Dr. L said...

We hope you had a happy birthday Brian! We enjoyed hanging out with the girls on Saturday night while y'all were away.
Andy, Lara, Maleah and Ashlyn