Thursday, October 02, 2008


It was the SUMMER of 2001.
We were living in Atlanta.
We'd been married almost exactly a year.
And THAT was SEVEN years ago.
SO MUCH has changed in the past seven years since 2001.
We have two baby girls and a baby girl in heaven.
We live in SC again.
That summer of 2001, Brian's parents treated us to a worldwind trip to Bermuda.
SO peaceful, warm, sunny, we were just kids ourselves...
but we didn't have kids.
Life was all about doing things on a whim, going with the was also plannable and not very complicated.
I'll stick with my highly unpredictable, wild & whooly, "messy" life anyday.
I love this high calling of Wife and Mommy.
I had more photos of our trip, but they are not digital.
We used to travel with two cameras...a 35mm and a fat (not phat) digital.
A family Luau
Who is that crazy island man?
We did go scuba diving on a few beautiful dives.
A derranged Bermuda Triangle fish bit my finger.
Did you know fish have teeth?
hmmm. Me either.

The most beautiful sunsets.

We look like something is missing,
don't we?

I love him even more now than then!

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Stephanie & Eric Horecky said...

I was on bedrest when Gladys first called Ellen. I thought it was the funniest thing! I showed it to everyone that came to visit me!!! HILARIOUS!!!!