Sunday, November 09, 2008

Brian's Cave

As my husband always says, (and as anyone that has little ones knows) "there is an infinite amount of things to be done", clothes to wash or fold, or pick off the floor, dishes, tidying, house projects, wrap the toliet paper back around the roll (see: Exhibit A below) you know, life. He's right.
It actually doesn't matter what job you are refering to. There's always an enormous amount to be done. He feels the same way in his job.
So, we picked the most important thing for the weekend, and we decided to focus on that.
So, it was decided upon.
Simply, Family.
(Exhibit A)
We did have a few little projects, but nothing significant, be-here-when-the-house-alarm-man-comes topped our greatest worry for the day on Saturday. No written to-do lists, no aerobics to teach, nothing hanging over our heads. Brian loves nothing more than a weekend in his cave with no agenda.

We absolutely had so much free time. So, we had family time, friends' party time, we finished a house project that we've been meaning to do for 2 years. We took Carlisle to her FIRST movie in the theater. Evelyn was under the weather. So other than my date with Brian on Saturday night, I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday and Sunday. I am about to get in the bed and brush my teeth for the first time, all day. And I completely finished everything for the shower I am hosting Thursday. (Brian made fun of me and said he's never seen me so ahead).

It was the most gratifing weekend I've had in a long time! Brian, you are right. Weekends at home, just us, IS truly ...without question, the best.
This is ALL Carlisle wore this weekend. Just changed her shoes....occasionally.
I insisted she wear something else to church, although no one would have cared.
She even wore it to sleep.
Exhibit B

Here she is rockin' it. Her style. Carlisle, Evelyn and Brian,
I LOVE Y'ALL. I adore our lake house of love.
And Brian, I really, really enjoyed being in the cave with you this weekend. I only wish we could do it again next weekend! :)
Love you so so so much.

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