Friday, December 12, 2008

Mostly it was just a reason to get together, oh and eat yummy food, oh and laugh at each other, oh and tell funny stories, oh and tell sad stories, oh and pep up the peppy one, oh and take some really silly shots, ok so it was just a reason to get together and just be GIRLS. (sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in your head right now).
I had so much fun with you girls tonight. Y'all make me sooooo happy.
We have to PLEASE do that more often.
May, I love you. Period.
Suzi, you inspired me.
Kara, you are a little angelic doll. I want to put you in my pocket.
Kim, you are precious.
And, Sue, shoot it staight sister, I DIG that most about you.


Justin and Marketa said...

Oh I miss seeing you. You have the best quirky looks.

gillian said...

What a blessing girlfriends are! Hope y'all are able to do it again soon!

The Ginfridas said...

Those made me smile!
Next time, I'll be camera ready. Thanks so much; I can't wait till next time!

Kara said...

HehehehehHahahahahahaha! Love YOU and your zeal for LIFE! How blessed are we! By the way your girls are tooooooo cute in their darling little tutu s.