Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Sweet Family Christmas (Part 2)

Julie and I made "Baby Soup" for breakfast this morning.
Warm water
One hundred toys
Chill Baby Boy
Happy Girl
Then add the sauce (that's my baby Evie!)
Here's Sauce Girl stirring up the soup.
Love the splash!!-oops-now-I'm-drowning-but-love it-face!
My daughter is half tree frog half spider girl.
She has sticky pads on her fingers that she uses to scale any object. If I don't grab her, she's shimmys up the wall and is hanging from the shower curtain laughing at me.
Foster is 3 months younger than Evelyn. And Evelyn is 19 months younger than Carlisle. So they are happy to do just about anything all-together. Have I mentioned that all of a sudden Carlisle is pronouncing all of her words properly. She calls herself CarLisle instead of CarWisle. And now she calls Julie's husband Uncle Luke instead of Uncle Uke.
It's tough! I love their toddler words!


gillian said...

I LOVE the new header picture! The bathtub pictures are precious and I love your 'story' that goes along with it! Looks like y'all had a merry Christmas!

Team Zybko said...

they are so cute.