Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Sweet Family Christmas (Part 3)

This is for my friends who have been asking for the recipe.
Here it is! This craft is SO fun to do with little bakers especially now that Christmas is over and they still have lots of energy!
My girls love it because you can eat it too!
You can make it, they decorate it. And you can enjoy it as a Christmas treat or as decoration!
Miniature Gingerbread House

What you need:
7 graham crackers
Frosting for glue (recipe below)
Pastry bag and tip or Ziploc bag

1/2 pound confectioner's sugar
3 tbs. butter/margarine
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
1 1/2 - 2 tbs. Milk

1. Mix all the ingredients together until smooth and easy to spread. If too runny, add more sugar.

2. If you have a pastry bag, place frosting in bag and use a small tip. You can use a Ziploc bag cutting a small hole in the corner.

3. Place one graham cracker flat on the table, squeeze a little frosting around all edges. You may need an extra pair of hands.

4. Place on cracker on each side standing up. It now looks like a box without a top.

5. Carefully squeeze more frosting on all outside orners from top to bottom and around the bottom of the box.

6. Let stand for a short while to let frosting harden a little. This will make working with the roof a little easier.

7. Now squeeze frosting on two of the top edges of the box and place the last two graham crackers in a V shape on as the roof. It may overhang if you can get the frosting to hold for you.

8. Squeeze frosting along the top of the roof where crackers join. Let stand again until frosting hardens a little.

9. Now comes the fun part - with leftover frosting, cover the roof to look like snow. Then squeeze small amounts on candy to decorate. You can use the frosting to add doors and windows too!

It's easy! Have fun!

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