Sunday, January 25, 2009

Encouraging the Mommy

I got this email from one of my most favorite women in my life. She has 6 children, loves the Lord, adores her husband and her children think she hung the moon. When she says something, I listen. Here is an exerpt from a recent email that she sent to encourage me as Carlisle becomes more and more independent ...and challenging.

I told her that lots and lots of Moms read my blog. And asked if I could share it with y'all. She was so humbled and said yes. Read on. It is just what I needed. I know you will feel the same.

Jennie, It IS hard when our little innocent, sweet ones become REAL! Know that all these changes are normal and they come with "growing up". Now is the time to truly hold the bridle firmly because our little wild ponies want to become independent and run free. They so desperately need boundaries, and even though they may fight them, they feel so much safer and happier when the bounderies are consistently there. Remember, they have been entrusted in our care for a while. We have the privilege to be used by the Almighty to train them and prepare them to be whom God has created them to be, yes, be FREE!! Although it is the most wonderful privilege to be a parent, and I truly would not exchange it for anything else in life, it also IS the hardest job ever. At times we moms need to remind ourselves that parenting is a hard, very mysterious and ever-changing responsibility. You see, we moms somehow find ourselves in the GYMNASIUM of life. It is plain hard work to be the trainer, the coach. We find ourselves dripping with sweat, sore muscles and plain exhaustion. The rewards, as you well know from being a professional trainer, yes, the rewards from being disciplined with working out physically, and consistently are priceless. Aren't you glad that we are not alone? The Almighty, Creator of the Universe is on our side, helping us, guiding us, giving us wisdom when we ask. Aren't you glad that our children are also so incredibly forgiving? How many times when I have blown it, I have humbly asked them to please forgive me. You know, they are always eager to forgive me without any hesitation. Be encouraged! You are a wonderful mamma, involved in the lives of your little girls and your two precious little ones know that you deeply love them and are committed to them. Keep up the good work.

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McQueens said...

Wow...what an encouraging email. i enjoyed reading it. i need all the encouragement I can get when it comes to raising my two daughters. My mom died 2 years ago and I miss her advice and encouragement so very much! Keep up the good work, you are a great mom!