Monday, February 02, 2009

Our. Girl. (part 2) - Heaven at Home

I'm reading this book called Heaven at Home. Have you read it? I love it.
Home to me is game night around the kitchen table. A few warmly lit candles in a dim room. Our fireplace crackling. (It's gas, but Brian and I pretend it crackles.) Extra family in town, so we are a little tighter on space, so everyone gets a little cozier. Yummy food cooking. Riding tricycles in the driveway. Pitter-patter of tiny feet. Fresh white sheets. Hot bubble bath. Coffee on the back deck. My families laughter. Raindrops as you are falling asleep.
Webster's dictionary describes home as "the physical structure within which one lives."
But I like my definition better.
Jesus longs for us to use our earthly residence, our HOME, in preparation for the eternal, glorious mansions he has prepared for us in heaven. He longs for us to live in such a way that He is glorified.
How can we glorify God?
Our obedience shows God's greatness to others.
By living in obedience to his commands we display His power and love and mercy.
We demonstrate to the world how good his righteous ways are.
Our highest motive must be to be a blessing to God.
I love this book.
Brian and I have a serious get-up-early-get-excited-and-wake-up-our-children problem.
WHO does that???
Brian and I.
We busted in Carlisle's room and flung the curtains open, singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" at the top of our lungs. Luckily our children are like us, easily exciteable. So she loved it. Here she is .001 nano seconds after waking up. Big flash in her eyes, the whole bit. Sorry baby.I've been told the "Th" sound, like in the word three, is one of the
hardest sounds for kids to make.
So, here is Carlisle saying "three". Carlisle pronunciation, "free".

Then, the excited, I'm THREE! Happy dance, laugh with family time.

I told her I would make her whatever she wanted for breakfast. Blueberry pancakes, waffles with syrup, sausage bisquit, bagel with cream cheese? Her answer?
100% Whole Wheat Cherrios with skim milk.

Evelyn and I went to Carlisle's school to celebrate with her.

Sweet Mrs. McBryde slid chairs over and little Loo Loo got to sit at the table beside her sister and eat her cupcake just like the big kids.
Well, maybe not JUST like the big kids....

Then off to Chuck E Cheese to meet Daddy for lunch and fun.

(Party pictures tomorrow!)


gillian said...

I love that y'all get-up-early-get-excited-and-wake-up-your-children! What a wonderful way to start your and their day!

If we could all remember that Jesus longs for us to use our earthly residence in preparation for the eternal, glorious mansion in heaven!!! Is the book by Ginger Plowman?

abbey said...

I added you to my blog roll!! Hope that was alright!
ps. I LOVE lOVE your daughters room!! How cute!!!