Thursday, February 19, 2009

Renaissance Man and MONO Girl

Looking back over the last months. I have been sick. My children have been sick. Brian has been sick. Everyone I have ever known has been sick. (I know that I have your sympathy because I am sure you, your husband, or your children have been sick). So much is going around.

When I ran the half-marathon at the first of January, I was sick. When we had our Super Bowl chili cookoff party, I was sick. That is actually when (for the first time in our marriage!) Brian kicked me out of the bed. I was coughing and hacking so bad that I was keeping him up all night. I was so exhausted, I slept through it. I slept in the guest bedroom for 2 weeks.

I never go to the doctor, unless I am having a baby. I went to the doctor. I am so out of whack. First visit, two weeks ago, he sends me home with an antibiotic. Great. Took it. No better.

Second visit was Monday. I asked him to take my blood. Test it. You can have it.

The doctor calls yesterday:
"You have MONO."
"Yes, Mono."
"No teaching aerobics for THREE weeks."
"Three weeks?"
"Yes! Three weeks."
That is torture.

Thank you for the emails, texts, facebook messages and voicemails. I love you friends. And a couple of sweet friends have called asking what does this mean for me. This means I am supposed to rest. Rest is usually so hard for me. Not this time. I am so super-crazy exhausted. I slept 11.5 hours last night AND napped today.

I am sleeping as much as my children.

Keep checking in on me. I hate isolation. I stink at it. I am an off-the-charts-EXTROVERT. So seclusion, even with the girls, is HARD for me. Although they are both flourishing with all of the downtime. We read 100,000,000 books today. Sweet Carlisle keeps asking "Are you better yet?" When I tell her I'm not better yet, she tenderly says: "I love you Mommy. I'll take care of you." And sweet Brian is like my own handsome Man-Nurse taking care of me. He's so already jumping in. He took the morning off today and tomorrow also so that I can sleep in. He is so awesome. Already made a grocery run. And, he robotically tells me, constantly, to "go lay down". He's a renaissance man. Thanks Sugar.

He and the girls are my silver lining.

Off to bed. (again)


The Adventures of John, Cherrie,Rhys and Ravyn said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Please take care of yourself and REST!!!!!!!!!
Cherrie :)

Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

I'm sorry you are sick AGAIN!!! Love you!!!

Jeremy said...

We are praying for you guys!!! Please please please let us know if we can do anything. Bring you dinner? Take one or both of the girls? Get Carlisle to or from school? We are dying to help out so just let us know. The Emerts love the Edwards.

Goude Gossip said...

I am so sorry that you are feeling bad. Get some rest. Let us know if we can do anything for you.