Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seriously. Evelyn drinks like a truck driver. Is this a second born characteristic? She almost always has to have a cup in her hand. And she drinks it VIGOROUSLY. As if....parched from a long journey on camel in the Sahara. Except. There's no Sahara. No journey. Just slurpie sounds as she chugs a water or a milk. On the flipside, Carlisle never drinks her entire drink.
Brian makes fun of me and thinks I am a wierdo that I always HAVE TO check on the girls before I go to sleep every night. I tell him that I'm obsessed with them.
Really, I have to see that they haven't kicked their socks off, and that they are snuggled under their covers.
Am I the only one who does that?
ALSO. They look extra-specially cute when they are sleeping. So I went in to check on them. (Believe me when I say this, I am so not exaggerating)
I cold-busted Evelyn ASLEEP STANDING UP. I walked in her room, she was standing at the edge of her crib. Her arms were slung over the side, she was OUT. O.U.T. When I turned on the light in her closet, she woke up and completely was confused.
'Where am I?'
'And, what am I doing standing up?!?!?'So I grabbed her,
she was soaked,
her clothes were soaked,
the sheets were soaked.
Poor thing was miserable laying in her super wet diaper, so she stood up.
She had so much to drink that night that her diaper weighed 35 pounds and couldn't hold it all. That was also the day we went swimming. Maybe it was pool water she injested!

FYI. I just checked on her tonight. Her diaper is CHOCK full again (we went swimming today too).
But she's asleep... and she's not standing up.
So I'm off to bed.
She's so cool.
I want to learn to sleep standing up.
(That would so be a way to maximize time in the line at the super Walmart.)


ktalk said...

Your too funny with the wal-mart comment! I ALWAYS check on the kiddos sleeping, one of my favorite moments of the day. I love you and love that your in light to those in the dark!

gillian said...

That is too funny Evelyn was sleeping standing up, I would have loved to see that! You are no weirdo, well if you are I am too! I think if a mom doesn't check on her babies before she goes to sleep then she must be a weirdo! Love the pictures of your mom with the girls, she is beautiful!