Sunday, May 31, 2009

Desperate for Him.

The Lord Jesus wants us to love Him— to love Him passionately with our whole heart. Not because He needs our love because He does not. He is perfectly fulfilled without our love.

However, His great love for us causes Him to desire that we be most fulfilled, and He knows that loving Him supremely and desiring His nearness brings us the deepest fulfillment, peace, and joy possible.

Everything in our world is against intimacy with Christ. Our own flesh resists the discipline required for closeness with the Lord Jesus. The devil tries to prevent us drawing near to God.

The wonder of our Lord’s grace is that we can ask Him to give us strong thirst for Him and to strengthen our love for Him—and He will. He meets us where we are just for the asking. If we draw near, He will draw near.
I'm desperate for Him.
Somehow I found myself this week knee deep in all the things that are my reality, but maybe a bit humdrum...
lots of laundry
chasing little of whom has fingers that seem to find their way into everything (including doggie poopie this week)
breakfasts, lunches, dinners
and added to my brood this week was a little boy, my nephew!
My sister needed me to watch her little one, Foster, for a few days. He arrived Tuesday and left Friday. I realized once Julie dropped him off and left...Foster is 1 1/2 and I had NEVER changed his diaper. I'd never given him a bath. I'd never had him overnight!
Like Dora the Explorer...reading her 'map'.
(Impromptu street party.
14 kids.
All of whom were playing in the cul-da-sac when we came in from our bike ride)
Foster and I connected. He's precious. Easy-going. Non-dramatic. Falls down every 35 seconds. Tough. Calm. Internal processor. So...basically NOTHING like my daughters. And yet, he fit right in.
We filled our days with bike rides, swimming, giggles, fishing, fun in the playroom, incredible cousin time. The benefit of all the fun...tiny sleepers. At least two extra hours every morning!

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amyop said...

Foster has gotten so big!