Monday, July 13, 2009

Laughing girl, love bug, jumping dude and ME.

And yes, that is the last of the beach pictures...whew.


Anonymous said... it babe! What a week! Bri

Julie and Luke said...

These are my favorites! Love Jumping Dude AND how snuggly Ev is. It was really fun hanging out this weekend! Can't wait to do it again!

Kari said...

Seriously. How awesome will these pictures be when the girls are in their 20s? They're adorable now, that's for sure. Great shots, Jennie. :) --Kari (I'm a frequent visitor to your site and family friend of Julie & Luke)

Megan N. Walkup said...

Brian can really jump and I think Ev. is your other twin. Precious, Precious family!!!

Andrea said...

I just love your pretty girls!