Monday, January 04, 2010

Jesus Party

What a week it's been...those days before Christmas...all the way up to New Years...It's been glorious. I absolutely ate up the time with Brian. With the girls. Brian was home for days...
My Mom and Dad came Christmas Eve and were there for the absolute magic that happens Christmas morning. Then we went to the beach to see Brian's Mom and Dad. Joining Brian's sister/husband, and the girls cousin, Myers, for a few days.

We as a family are making a serious point to slow down. Now that all of the Christmas parties are over and we have a baby making her entrance in a few weeks. It is seriously tricky for me. But I am doing it.
I am relaxing.
Still accomplishing more in my day than an 8 mo pregnant girl probably should.
BUT, giving myself some room to take naps,
cuddle up with the girls to watch their favorite movie,
and eat yummy holiday cakes and cookies!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
All I wanted this Christmas was to help my girls understand clearly what it was that makes this time of the year so special.
That this is the time we celebrate the birth of our Savior.
We had the first Jesus Party we've ever had. Me, Brian and the girls.
They baked a cake for HIM.
My favorite memory from Christmas 2009
At the Jesus Party,
Brian read them the story of Jesus' birth from their childrens bible...
Here's an exerpt from what Brian read them from
their sweet bible: 'The Jesus Storybook Bible'.
'The shepherds stamped out their fire, left their sheep, raced down the grassy hill, through the gates of Bethlehem, down the narrow cobble streets, through a courtyard, down some step, step, steps, past an inn, round a corner, through a hedge, until, at last, they reached...a tumbledown stable.
They caught their breath. They quietly tiptoed inside.
They knelt on the dirt floor. They had heard about this Promised Child and now he was here. Heaven's Son. The Maker of the Stars.
A baby sleeping in his mother's arms.'
Carlisle sat and listened as Brian read.

Christmas Eve

With Santa taken care of...
Off to be sure Rudolph and his buddies had food too...

Christmas Morning

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Fun post, but feel free to remove the pic of your double chinned sis-in-law!!! YIKES!!!!