Thursday, February 18, 2010

The TIME is NOW.

My status as of 4:30pm...
THE Verdict. I left the final call up to Brian. I love him and I love that he knows what is best for us. Basically, after agonizing about what to do, talking it over with multiple Doctors, a midwife, and for a variety of reasons, the Doctor is breaking my water tomorrow morning. I hope I will go into labor before then. If not, I'm giving my uterus a kick in the butt.

My status as of right now! 9:30pm...
Ate eggplant parmasian for dinner. Supposed to help with getting contractions going. I ran around like a WILD BANSHEE. I did laundry, cleaned the house as if the president were coming to visit (...hormonal thing I had absolutely no control over myself), last minute details for Brian's parents who will be with the girls, packed my bag for the hospital, vaccumed, ran up and down the stairs 30 times, took care of girls...and my contractions have been rocking and rolling the whole time. Maybe I will get my prayer. That I will be in labor when I get there in the morning.

PRAY for us!
I will be updating as the day goes along, on Facebook.

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gillian said...

praying for you this morning!
p.s. you should NOT have been running up and down the stairs, lol!