Sunday, October 10, 2010

Falling out of my chair

I think I want to carry around a little recorder like doctors have and record my thoughts. Just call me Doctor Mama.
Speaking of Doctor...I did just take the baby to her 6 month checkup. I was only 2 months late. Yes she is just about 8 months and no the doctor didn't fuss at me. He's a friend. And he actually laughed at me....perhaps it's because I almost fell out of the chair when I tried to sit down. He said it's because the chairs are made for regular height people. I guess at 5' 10' I am a little taller than the average. Maybe he's right, they did seem a little shorter than I'm used to.I have a plan up my sleeve for Halloween costumes this year. The pictures above are actually the hint.
I am having trouble uploading pictures, but thought I'd go ahead and do these that I could get on.

First day of school.
Gobs more to come. Hopefully it won't take a month this time...

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PrincessandthePea said...

All of your girls are immensely beautiful!!! :)