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The perks of Memorizing God's Word and NYC Christmas Vacation

Good Soil
Starting Sunday night, January 8th, my Girlfriends Stephanie, Mellette and I will begin a new adventure. Studying the book of 1 Peter. We are doing it as a Conference Call Biblestudy, Sunday nights at 9:00pm.
We will be memorizing and studying. Don't let the word 'memorizing' scare you. YOU can do it! I've had 4 babies and am pregnant with a fifth and think I am half brain dead. If I can do it, you can do it! God will help you! 

Memorizing the Word of God has radically changed all 3 of our lives. It requires time, determination and practice, but it is more than worth any sacrifice. You will see LIFE spring up all around you as God's Word takes root in your heart. 

When I see Jesus face-to-face, I want to tell Him, 'I hid your Word in my heart!' (Psalm 119:11)

You will just need to print out 1 Peter chapter 1 in NIV and have your bible handy. You can mute your phone and just listen if you want to. You don't have to talk (unless you want to!) It doesn't matter where you are in your faith. 

This is for all of us. We ALL need Jesus. We ALL need His word. 

This is going to be a 'BIBLE STUDY BOOT CAMP' to jump start our faith in 2012. We will be strengthening our spiritual muscles and growing together. God's Word WILL change your life. You will being to have victory in areas you never have before. You will have wisdom. You will become more like Jesus. 

If you want more information, send me a message. We have a Facebook group that will have all of the updated information with call in phone number and passcode.

'When you walk, their counsel will lead you. 
When you sleep, they will protect you.
When you wake up, they will advise you.
For their command is a lamp
and their instruction a light;
their corrective discipline 
is the way to LIFE.'
Proverbs 6:22,23

It's been a great Friday. We are officially on Christmas vacation. I've been a lazy lizard. It's been GREAT.

Today is Christmas Eve Eve and we are at the beach.

Family time with Grandparents and cousins. Complete with barefoot golf cart rides, kids running on the beach. It's gorgeous spring weather. Such a contrast from last week, vacation week in New York City.
Not long from now, our three little girls will share a room. 
As soon as the baby comes, Vivian will move out of the cute brown and pink nursery and into the girl room. 

Last night, they wanted to test it out. They share a room at Le Le and PaPa's house. And little jolly baby, she thinks she is BIG BIG. Saying 'Bed! Bed! Bed!' So overjoyed to lay inbetween her sisters with dollies snuggled tight she couldn't stop talking, or laughing. Or saying 'Bed! Bed!'

New York City

Brian and I had high expectations. 

We couldn't help it. 

Brian worked in NY, for 6 months, before we got married.

And the two of us have had so many fun trips there. We used to travel there multiple times a year and every December during the Christmas season. We've missed going for the last few years. I guess it's the babies. We've had a Jan babe, and 2 in Feb. Maybe that's it. 

This year, we decided we'd take our oldest two.
Our traveling buddies.
Exuberant Carlisle and...
nothing-scares-me Evelyn, always up for anything new. 
Including her first plane ride, EVER.

They are excellent little travelers. 

They couldn't get over being able to sit side-by-side/ on our laps in the taxi. 

No seatbelts. No carseats. No parent driving. All snuggled up together.

It may have been one of their favorite things. 

We told them that we were going to American Girl and The Lion King. But how can you understand Broadway or even New York until you have actually seen it. So they went to New York with wide eyes and innocent little expectant hearts.

Brian and I pay for everything on our Marriott rewards Visa so that we can earn zillions of reward points. And this is the view that they gave us with our points. We didn't pay a dollar. Free. 

Brian loves Little Italy. I think he'd been thinking about it for weeks. The 100 year old restaurants, the wine, the olive oil, the tiny tables, the rich, delicious the first night, we had dinner at the cutest little Italian restaurant. The girls had NEVER had spaghetti like that. We all rolled back to the hotel. Fat and happy.

The girls fell right to sleep. 

Brian and I did to. 

The next morning, we got going early. We had big plans. The American Girl Place. The taxi dropped us off right in front, on 5th Avenue. The girls stared in, through the big glass windows, at the bright, shiny store full of dolls. They smiled through the glass, admiring all the dolls. They were ready to see what all of the excitement was all about. 

This place is insane. 
They have a doll hair salon, a dolly doctor...I could go on and on. 

At one point I said, 'Brian I am a girl, and this is overwhelming to ME. I can't imagine how it feels for YOU.' He just smiled. I guess it's like when I go down by the ring during his Jiu Jitsu competitions. Maybe...
We began the event with brunch at the cafe. They hadn't picked out dolls yet. So the girls 'borrowed' dolls to eat with them and the dolls sat beside each of the girls at the table.  
We ate cinnamon buns, heart shaped pancakes, french toast sticks. It was sugary ridiculousness. And we gladly ate each syrupy bite.

Cutest boy in NY.

I don't know how Brian knows about stuff like this, he just does. He made a reservation for a personal shopper to meet us. She helped guide us through the FOUR floors of dolls and doll gear. The girls picked out dolls that look like them. Carlisle's doll has a few freckles sprinkled on her nose.  

The Lion King ~ Broadway. 
No way to explain it. Take my word for it.
This little one was sitting beside me with her little friend. 

We followed the show with dinner at Del Friscos.

I actually didn't know. Would they be up for walking all over New York? Staying close enough to hold hands the whole time?
They were such champs, better than champs. They were darling. Carrying their dolls, skipping and taking it all in. Happy to be together.

So we walked the 13 or 14 blocks to Central Park. And went to the Central Park Zoo. 

At the Sea Lion exhibit, Carlisle watches them swimming on their back, looks up at Brian and says, 'Daddy do they teach them to do the Backstroke here?'
We spent the day enjoying the city strolling the streets. We ate a late breakfast and skipped lunch. So the day ended with an early dinner, back in Little Italy telling funny stories and whispering during dinner. 
Treats to-go from a bakery in Little Italy. We waited. Kept them in the box on the long cab ride home in the dark. 

We got back to the hotel with our room above Times Square. And the four of us sat cross legged on the bed and devoured the cupcakes with no plates or forks...just finger licking good.  Then with OVERLY full tums, we snuggled in the bed and fell asleep while we watched Beauty and the Beast. 
The next morning, we wake up. I roll over and there is Evelyn's little face right beside me. She doesn't even open her eyes, it's still dark in the room, not a noise. I suppose she'd been dreaming. I hear her little voice ask, 'Do sharks have noses?' That morning, Brian and I wake up, snuggled up with our little girls, happy as clams...laughing.

It was an absolutely dreamy few days. Tons of adventures. And the girls were great. It was easy. And something that we can't wait to do again. 

We arrived home on Tuesday night, late. By Wednesday morning, Brian had already booked our trip for December of 2012. 

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Christina grissett said...

Love the city! We r taking Kate to the American Girl store for her birthday! She will croak over all the dolls and clothes! Really really miss you and how you helped to fed my physical spirit. You are thought of daily. Powerful girl.