Friday, April 13, 2012

Now they understand

24 hours old.
She is in our arms. 

The wait. The weight. All of it, is over.

I stare at her all day. I can't get enough of her. At ALL. I adore kissing her. I drink in her little face. Her fuzzy hair. Her tiny body.

She is a peaceful, sleepy baby. She reminds me of my days as a new Mother when Carlisle was a baby. They both are tremendous sleepers, happy to sleep through meal times, loud sister times and anytimes...

She is comfortable sleeping her days away right now, so I join her. I am taking advantage of Brian being home to sleep when she sleeps. I think I may have forgotten how sleepy these days are for me too. Recovering. She is the sweetest smelling, snuggly little one and so warm. It's easy to fall asleep snuggled up with her. 

This is one of my favorite stages. I love newborns. But I especially love her.

None of the girls seem to have the first jealous thought of her. They love and adore her. She gets held, kissed, hugged and passed from arms to arms, and burped, whether or not she needs it, over more shoulders than any other baby thus far. They are smitten. And so proud to be her big sister.

They brought a neighbor friend in, straight out of bicycle riding time, to meet her. I was in the next room and I hear them quietly tiptoeing up to her little bassinet, bicycle helmets still strapped on. 

And then, hushed whispers... 'isn't she cute?' and 'isn't she so sweet?'... 'I love her.'

I told the girls the entire time I was pregnant, 'This is your baby too. Not just mine. God is giving her to all of us.'

Now. They understand. 

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