Sunday, December 30, 2012

Time Square Time

I started this post on Christmas Eve-Eve...just now finding a minute to finish it...

I found snuggly red footie jammies for all four girls. The kind that look so soft and cozy. The girls are downstairs in their new Christmas jammies doing airplane with Brian. Potentially rowlling them up right before bed. But the laughter and giggles are too good to stop.

Motherhood these days is FULL. Never dull. Not ever. Even for a SECOND. 

It's such a weird job. A full job. An occupation I never in a million years thought about....or thought I wanted. God knew. 

One that has absolutely no predictions. And seems to change with the wind. I love it. AND IT IS HARD. It's really sunshiny and fun, with the laughter and the tickles and the singing at the top of our lungs...then tears and hurt hearts and fussing. All in the same minute. And then the next 13 trillion minutes seem to be some variation of that all over again. 

So, strangely as much as things change, nothing changes. It's still me and Brian and a bunch of little girls that I'm trying to raise to love each other and love the Lord most. 

Every once in a while there is a break to the same old same old and it's all a little different. That was last week. 

We took off to New York. Just our family. No school. No two year old. No judgement on that decision please. She couldn't possibly have enjoyed it which means we wouldn't have enjoyed it. She's smack dab in the middle of the terrible two's.

I sat beside Evelyn on the flight to New York. She loves to fly. She  was contentedly looking out the window. We were talking about our plans for our long weekend together in New York and all the fun things we were going to do. 

Blondie took a deep gasp in and exclaimed... 'New York!' and 


Then paused....'What is New York again?' 

Later, flying through the clouds. 
She says, 'Look! We're in Heaven!'
Pause... 'Where is God?'

(I forgot my big camera. So all NYC pics this trip were with my iPhone. Not the best pics. But sweet memories.)

Amazed girls/happy family in a MASSIVE toy store.
They admired and admired and admired the toys. Brian told them they could pick out one thing. Evelyn got a Barbie with ice skates. Carlisle got nothing. She decided she wanted to keep looking. 
Definitely one of my favorite things of getting away together are the sleeping arrangements. We all love piling in together. 
Early morning secrets with a little sister...

Carlisle finally found something. She picked a bow and arrow like the one from the BRAVE movie. Then she made a target on the window...and she and Brian had a hay-day.
Our view was A++.

I love him more than ever.

Sunset at Ground Zero.

 Having girls is getting more and more fun. 
Sitting inbetween two cuties at Mary Poppins. 

And our last night. Little Italy. 

We were on our way. Home. 
The taxi ride was very long on the way to the airport. We ran into more than an hour of stand-still traffic. It was quiet and tight and warm. This little cutie took a little nap right in the middle of all the chaos. She's SUCH a treat. 
And the trip was a blessing we didn't deserve. 

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TaMara Sloan said...

It looks like you all had such a wonderful time!

And no judgment passing by me on not taking the 2 year old. Once you have more children than adults, sometimes mixing up the mix makes things go a little more smoothly. :)