Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nothing is wasted

One big, happy, GREEN family. St Patricks Day 2013

I'm starting at the end. Because it's late, as it always is, when I blog. And it's the end of another day of fullness here. 

Tonight, I look away from the endless piles of things to be washed, folded, sorted, thrown away, gone through, given away, stacked, moved, handled, brushed, fluffed, touched, shuffled, put away... (and those were just the first words to come to mind.)

And instead, I look to the members of this family that need to be touched, loved, kept, understood, hugged, held, nourished, kissed, danced with, bathed, tucked in, heard.

I read recently, 'Raising young children can get a little lonely sometimes.' What a strange truth. And yet, I am surrounded by such noise, and constancy and little faces and hugs and kisses. They are, without question, my best friends. They know the most about me. I spend more time with them, than any one on the planet. They see me with and without makeup on, honestly with and without everything on. They know the real me. I am molding them, challenging them, discipling them. And they? They are molding, challenging, changing me. 

This is not wasted time. Nothing here is wasted. 

This is my mission field. To live out what it means to love the Lord and serve Him in the big and little stuff. In the math problems and making dinner and reading the stack of library books that almost put me to sleep mid sentence this afternoon. All of it. 

Of all the commentaries on the Scriptures, good examples are the best.

Quote from 
The Art of Parenthood 
by Wilferd Peterson

'Our children are watching us live, and what we are shouts louder than anything we can say. 

We can't stand there pointing our finger to the heights we want our children to scale. 
We must start climbing, and they will follow!'

Carlisle is authentic. Never trying to hide or underplay something. She is through and through...herself. Which makes her interesting. No manipulation or passive aggression here, she is who she says she is. I've come to appreciate this. 

Tonight after I hot shower, I laid down on her bed. She was holding her littlest sister. 

I asked her what her favorite subject in school is and she said 'spending time with the baby.' I consider our little baby a subject of mine, just didn't know Carlisle thought she was too. I said, 'What about language, arithmetic, bible? Any others come to mind?'

She said, 'Um. Yes. Reading and Girl class.' 

In the hands of our redeemer, nothing is wasted.

So as I fall into my favorite chair, smear on a bit of my favorite lip-balm and pull my laptop into my lap. My thoughts clear for a moment and I think, 'Did they feel loved by me today. Did they feel God's love through me today.' And 'they' includes Brian. It's such a privilege to live this life. Seek the Lord. First. And help me Lord, as I see more and more my short comings. 

Lord I need help. 

'One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.'
Psalm 27:4

Nothing is wasted. 

Spring is coming! It was a 'spring-y' 80 degrees for the annual St. Patricks Day parade. 

This picture confirms it. The leggy 5 year-old definitely belongs to me. :)


I love just about everything about this picture. 

The fact that Carlisle took it. 

The fact that I have a child old enough to want to take a picture and then do it. 


And center it. 

The fact that I have green glitter smeared all over my face. 

The fact that I could eat this baby alive. 

And that we match. :)

'Girls let me get a picture, of just the four of you.'
Here's what happened next... 


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