Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Proud Grandparents (and Uncle and Aunt) and all the beautiful babes!

Fun times in the breeze with my GrandGar and happy Aunt!The PINK birthday girl is in celebration mode!
Aunt Ju-Ju is in love...desperate love.
The proudest Daddy that has ever lived.
YA-YA...let me show you how I can CLAP!!!!!!!!

Aunt KiKi loves the baby! (WE MISSED YOU AUNT STEPHANIE and UNCLE ERIC!!!!!!!!)

Cute little Cali
Our precious Brayden Brayden gives the birthday girl a KISS!Almost 5 year old, life of the party, Caedyn!
Darling and sweet cousin Maleah with her Mom, LaraThe sweet girls ~ Abrianna and Faith Marie
The fun boys! Seth, Brannon and Caedyn
Sweet Clara Beth and her mom, Aron.Little Dawson (1 year) and his Dad, Cliff.
Beautiful, curly, sweet Grayson
Crazy Grandpa Gar and little 5 year old Seth.

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