Thursday, February 22, 2007


Instead of rushing off to work, Brian spent the day with us doing all the fun things that we do regularly but wish he was there to do with us. WE had THE BEST DAY! All started perfect with delicious southwestern scrambled egg beaters, turkey bacon, toast and turkey sausage...we enjoyed every bite. Carlisle is an amazing eater, happy to try any new and different food. Tonight she ate caprese salad!

Water Babies Class!Carlisle and Tallon practicing being in a boat and wearing a lifejacket.She truly was in hog heaven with her Daddy there...actually so was HE!Knitted eyebrows and BIG, pouty, blue lipsShe's not so chill with the back float.
Brian tosses her and she thinks its so fun!

: )

1 comment:

Uncle Andy said...

That looks like fun, Carlisle!

I'm very much looking forward to the day when Maleah and I can enjoy the pool together!

Good times, Daddy Brian! Good times!