Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fun times with her sweet Grandmother!!

Carlisle shows her Grandmother the ducks in her backyard.
Running away from the ducks!(Please click on these so that you can see a bigger picture of her laughing and running)
Dining outside Friday night on the deck at Creek Ratz...THE Perfect evening with my precious, handsome husband, beautiful, sweet Mama, and fun, laughing baby girl!

Carlisle was laughing SO HARD in these pictures that Mom, Brian and I couldn't contain ourselves. SHE IS HILARIOUS. She belly laughed until everyone on the deck turned to see what was going on.

A juicy, messy, wet, food covered, open-mouth kiss that only a Mama could love.
Her daddy and sunset, life is perfect.

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Dr. L said...

These are great smiles and fun laughs! Looks like y'all had a beautiful weekend!