Thursday, April 26, 2007

The speedy 24-Hour trip to Charlotte ~ We had to see Aunt Ju-Ju!

The two of us had SO much fun with Julie and her friends in Charlotte!
The weather was GORGEOUS and we enjoyed playtime outside.

Carlisle hung out with her Aunt Cathi while Julie and I went to the gym for a couple hours. She LOVED it...until we showed up. Then she grunted for us to come get her out of the stroller. Cathi was amazed by the amount of food this little one can eat. She ate snacks, cheese and they enjoyed a smoothie together. Sweet baby had a flower in her hand.

Fun times in Aunt Ju-Ju's closet....

"Darn, I've been busted!"Before dinner on Wednesday night, at California Pizza Kitchen, Carlisle enjoyed the fountain. Goodbye kisses for her Aunt Ju-Ju before driving home to Florence.

A nose honk to remember her by!

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Anonymous said...

Please ask Carlisle if I can borrow her hot pink dress. Do you think it will fit me? Ha Ha ~ she is so so so cute and I love the nose honk for auntie JuJu!