Thursday, May 03, 2007

Andrea and Hallie visit today!

Hallie was happily playing on the car. Carlisle thought that looked like a terrific place to then they were both on the car, and then it toppled over....they just looked stunned and tickled with themselves. Then Carlisle said one of her many new favorite words "UHH - OH"

"How can I get this all to myself", Carlisle thought.

"Woah!!!" (giggle-giggle)

"You OK Hallie?????"

"UH - OH Mommy, I think were stuck here!"

"Yippee! The car is mine!!!"


"Hope this bow doesn't throw my weight off and make me tip-over again..."

My college friend Andrea is SO sweet. She and her daughter, Hallie, drove from just outside of Charlotte to hang out with us for the day. She is a great Mommy and friend.

Carlisle cannot get enough of books. She sits perfectly still, points, repeats words and listens. "I got it....I think...."

Andrea, thank you so much for coming to see us, you are precious, precious, precious. And so is Hallie Kate.

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