Monday, May 14, 2007

Carlisle's 15-Month Checkup

Arriving in the BLUE room for her checkup.
She was also in her new blue and brown outfit!
(THANKS LE-LE!!! She looks adorable! More pics to come!)
"Check this out Mommy!!! A fun toy while we wait!!"

The nurse comes in to get her measurements.

Weight: 23 lbs. 8 oz. (50th %)

Head measurement: 18 7/8 inches (93rd %)
Height: 31 1/4 inches (70th %)

The nurse leaves....back to business....

Self eye examination.Ear exam for Little Cow.
Teeth exam.......
The real doctor arrives to take over.

Her reward for doing such a great job at the doctor!
We ended with 3 shots, this is moments before.


Tallon said...

I ALWAYS have been a big fan of Dr office pictures- I think seeing the kids expressions as they explore are THE CUTEST!! Carlisle is no exception- and I love that outfit!!

Anonymous said...

These pics are my favorite yet! She is one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen. How can you ever say no to those cute pouty lips? Griffin's mommy

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

Oh- she's so cute! I love the last picture. She doesn't look too thrilled with what's coming up. 70th percentile for height?!? Shocking!!!! Poor Makgill and Clara Beth are always 30th or lower. Oh, well. See you soon! -Aron

jorge and libba said...

Hi Jennie, I am so excited about seeing you guys this weekend for the big move...! And Carlisle looks so grown up and exquisitely beautiful!