Thursday, May 17, 2007

The most special girl in the world.

As we get excited for another girl, we are simply beside ourselves with joy that we have the opportunity and pleasure to do this again. The LARGEST and GREATEST privilege of life. Her audience in the backyard today...Donald.

Named because he hangs out with us so much. Not to be confused with Howard, the hurt foot duck who we buy bread for once a week.

Who by the way was chillin, minding his business watching the bathing beauty. When...out of nowhere, our fierce beast (wink-wink) Beau-Beau ran across the yard and grabbed him by the neck! Of course Beau just was looking for a play partner and is accustomed to his stuffed duck. He couldn't understand why Donald scooted off so quickly. We laughed heartily at our crazy, friendly pup!

The most fun-loving girl in the world.

Our little family.
The sweetest girl in the world.
The most loving girl in the world.

The prettiest girl in the world.

The happiest girl in the world.

She had enough swimming and was ready to hang out with Beau-Beau.


Stephanie Blackiston said...

you are getting ready to have 2 of the most special, happiest, cutest girls.

Andrea said...

What a little doll you have!! Looks like she had a blast playing in her pool.
Carlisle is going to love having a baby sister!!