Monday, May 07, 2007

Our niece, Maleah, turns ONE!

Arriving at Maleah's first ever birthday party! Click here for more shots from the party!
Walking like a champ now!
One year old Maleah greets Carlisle saying, "Welcome to my party Carlisle!""Let's hug!"
"I'm not sure I want a hug!"
"Somebody help!" "Ok Uncle Luke, I feel a little better now." We are not exactly sure what she was thinking while we tossed balls on top of her...but reading from her smile...I think she liked it!!!!
Uncle Luke! CATCH!

The weather couldn't have been better.
Lara had yummy food and executed the PERFECT party.

Grand May-May getting double time love with the girls!
Grand May-May made the most fabulous birthday cake!
Maleah got fun, cute gifts and loved every second! FUN TIMES with my Grandpa Gar!

I love my Grandfather!!!
Enjoying the party with Mommy!
Carlisle even snuck in some fun time with Uncle Andy...the birthday girl's Daddy!
Aunt Ju-Ju and Grandpa Gar ALWAYS fight over who gets the baby...they look cordial here...their not! = )It got cool later in the day. Baby Love and I snuggled together in a pull-over.

Wonderful Brian has ENDLESS energy for Carlisle

Goodbye hugs to Larry and Marie! They are so sweet.

Headed out, we took a quick family shot...

Leavin the party

Daddy and Mommy - Check

Lambie - Check

Hugs for the family - Check

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Dr. L said...

We had a great time on Sunday - thanks for coming and making Maleah's birthday a very special one!