Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our little family zipped away for 4th of July Festivities this year!

To DeBordieu in Georgetown, to Brian's parents house at the beach. Kelly and Charlie drove down from Columbia and Eric, Stephanie and little Myers came up from Mt. Pleasant. We all loved every second. The trips on the ailing golf cart, walks on the beach with my little family, laughs with (or at) Eric, yummy meals, fun time at the pool, the Golf Cart Parade, the fireworks show and awesome family memories.

Walking out to the water, maybe a little timid, it's been a while.It was cold!

OopsMaybe I shouldn't be taking a pic of the sad, wet one by I couldn't help it. She is so sweet. Back to the house, changed into dry clothes...and off we go exploring with our little family on the golf cart!

The shirt really does say it all. Except he needs one too!

DeBordieu did a 4th of July Golf Cart Parade that made this 17 month old and this pregnant Mama SO HAPPY! It came right past the house. We literally sat in the grass in the front yard!
(Dad there were even old cars!)
They threw candy at us from their carts!!
Kelly loved it too!
Myers first parade too! He waved his flag like a big boy!
Some of these elaborate Golf carts turned into truck driven boats full of soaking wet preteen boys with WATER GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily, they also had Dad's/men aboard SHOUTING "Boys don't shoot, they have babies!" I couldn't stop laughing it was so fun, because Carlisle and I would have loved to have been shot....our time came, one preteen boy couldn't help himself!
Looks like fun to snuggle with baby Myers....
Uh-Oh....maybe not so much.
Mommy! HELP!!!
They recovered! :)

Parade is over!
We are making this a family tradition!
Brian made Frogmore Stew Wednesday night...can you smell it?
It was devine.
The best part, the large-juicy-shrimp were caught right out of the Charleston harbor,
by his half-bro and served up to a hungry crowd of 10! (Neil and Kelly, it was fun to see y'all!)
One of which was this guy...Carlisle's uncle Eric.After dinner golf cart ride to the beach for fireworks, with the lovebird Nelley's!
Fireworks at DeBordieu - unbelievable show!


Courtney said...

Looks like you guys had such a blast...did you save me so stew?

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! My Makgill would be in HEAVEN with that parade. Old cars AND Boats with water guns? Why that's my boy's dream! I'm so glad that y'all had such a great Fourth!

Eric & Stephanie said...

Carlisle's Uncle Eric is the coolest =) We will definitely have to do it again next year!

Chris and Anna said...

What a great family tradition! Carlisle is beautiful! She is growing up so fast!!