Sunday, August 26, 2007

Carlisle received so much love this weekend in Columbia!

Upon arrival in Columbia on Friday night, Carlisle and Aunt JuJu clobbered each other with love! The green watermelon outfit was sent by Carlisle's Le Le. It is SOOO cute on her!!
Saturday Morning at Little Gym! Parachute fun!

No chance that my photography skills could capture on camera the delight from Aunt Ju-Ju and Me Me. They were the happiest, proudest Aunt and Grandmother I have ever seen. They both marveled at how independent and confident Carlisle was.
Waiting with me for instruction on her next activity. She also sat in 2 other Mommies laps and the instructors lap. My social butterfly.
Walking out the door after Little Gym...whew...worn out.
Hungry and thirsty!
Saturday Night
Uncle Andy's birthday dinner at Harpers
Carlisle enjoyed dinner with her cousin Maleah so much! Aunt Ju-Ju took Carlisle and met up with Grandpa Gar and the family at Harper's.
Meanwhile, Brian and I were at Ruth's Chris celebrating Mom's birthday!
Sweet girls!
Carlisle is almost 19 Months old! Maleah is almost 16 Months!

She loves Grandpa Gar so much she wanted to eat him up!

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