Monday, August 06, 2007

Uncle "Wook" and Aunt "Ju-Ju" came to visit!

The funnest part of this weekend was watching Julie and Luke interact with Carlisle! Here's what I mean!
Carlisle and Julie wanted to eat each other, literally. Julie kept biting and chewing on Carlisle's chubby arms. I finally had to intervene for fear that Carlisle would start chewing on her friends. Well, here is the result...she took a love chunk out of Aunt Ju-Ju's cheek. Aunt Ju-Ju loved it!

Uncle Wook got some loving too!

She loved Aunt Ju-Ju's "work shoes"!

It is so so so fun being pregnant at the same time as Julie! I just gave her 95% of my pregnancy clothes, because she is 20 weeks and way to much of a thrifty to buy any for herself, so if you see me around with the same thing on day after day...that's why.

Thank y'all SO much for coming for the weekend! Email me a tummy picture so that I can put that on here toooooo!!

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Justin and Marketa said...

You and Julie should have taken a picture together. That would have been perfect to see two beautiful pregnant twins.