Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nothing is better than the "Punkin" Patch

After family-dinner-date-night, we headed to get pumpkins for Carlisle and Evelyn's first fall season together. Looking at the Pumpkin Patch through a toddlers eyes is an incredible experience.

She was elated to dance all around and through the piles of pumpkins.

Our self-portrait stunk. We fit it the carseat handle, but not the newborn inside. Self portraits are way more difficult now that our family keeps growing!

Someone was overjoyed! See if you can tell from the following pictures.

While little sister was just VERY sleepy.

Love this picture, because it accurately captures these moments.
She was literally running through the "Punkin Patch"!

She was desperately looking for the perfect pumpkin for "Baby Sister".

Found one...

She smothered Evelyn in pumpkins, Evelyn slept through the whole event.

Too Heavy! (Carlisle-ism pronounced "Too Hebby!")
She kept looking for the perfect pumpkin for sis!
Sitting amidst her "baby pumpkins".


Eric & Stephanie said...

LOVE the punkin patch outfit, ESPECIALLY the shoes =)

Justin and Marketa said...

It seems like Carlisle is coming around by involving Evelyn (even though she was really knocked out). Tell Carlisle I need to borrow those shoes.