Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gingerbread House Party!

The First Annual Childrens Christmas Party
commensed on the Friday before Christmas at our house.
The energy in the house was electric.
I did include a picture of the "Condor Christmas Tree". So named because of the thirteen, yardstick-length, gigantic feathers that were protruding from it. I was so proud of it and when Brian came home from work, he took one look and said, "Jennie, I hate it." Which is truly funny, ... Because I didn't know that he has ever hated anything. The tree topper, which I also thought was fun, Brian said, looked like the "nest" that the condor was attempting to fly into....but missed. To get the full effect, click on the picture to enlarge it.
(We missed you Olivia, Claudia and Tallon!)

Brian surprised me that Friday morning by playing hookey and not going into work! We hung out by the fire, drinking coffee, until after lunch, when we put Carlisle down for a nap. Then we began making the Gingerbread houses. 15 in total!

Evelyn had other plans for the afternoon...

The party guests arrived at 4:00 and started decorating their houses.

Then it was upstairs, to the PRINCESS PLAYHOUSE,
for Carlisle's favorite thing, dancing!
The culminating event!

SANTA CLAUSE dropped by,
he was super cute, 6'4" and really jolly!
He read the children two stories.
We sang to Jesus, celebrating HIS birth.
The final touches on the gingerbread houses, here's what they looked like!
The children had fun, and so did we!

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Claudia's Mom said...

I'm so disappointed we couldn't be there! I KNOW you all had a blast!