Friday, February 29, 2008

Top Five Funnest Things About Potty Training

1. Carlisle's pee-pee-is-coming-out face. Picture...sheer shock/elation/amazement/delight. Complete joy.

2. Actually using the word "marvelous" to describe Carlisle's Poop to Brian tonight.

3. "Forcing" her to consume capri suns, apple juice and green tea...and her acting like she's doing me a favor by drinking it.

4. Listening in on her cell-phone conversations with our parents, sisters, friends and hearing them praise her for her "accomplishments".

5. Figuring out a new wipe method.


Tallon said...

I can picture Carlisle's facial expressions- sooo cute!! soo excited potty training is going well- GO CARLISLE and GO MOMMY and Daddy!!!!

enjoyed seeing you this morning- thanks for working out with me=) appreciated your words of encouragement! glad you guys are feeling better=)

charlie&gracie said...

Way to go carlisle!!! Potty training ends up being totally freeing will see!

Here's my best tip... keep clorox wipes in a zippie in your bag so you can wipe down the public potties for her. It will make you feel better! :)