Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby-licious Weekend!

He's SO gorgeous.
"Ju-Ju", "Uncle Uke" and "Baby Foster" came to visit CARLISLE this weekend...and we just happened to be here to enjoy the visit too. Carlisle was out-of-this-world excited and kept telling me that Baby Foster was going to take a bath with her. The last time we had seen Foster, he was 6 weeks old. Now he's 12 weeks. HE IS BEAUTIFUL. And he wears super-boyish-fun outfits!
They are almost the same size, but she is 12 weeks older! She wanted to take a bite out of the camera.
This is her "I'm SO EXCITED" face!

One of the best parts of having Julie for the weekend....Two nursing Mama's.

She imitates her Daddy in everything.

I caught her sitting like her Daddy while we were watching Jonah.

Thanks Ju-Ju and Uke for coming and bringing Baby Foster!

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Stephanie said...

HOW GREAT!! I love seeing everybody together. I like Carlisle's hair and Evelyn's cute face. Foster is a doll-baby! Wonderful pictures, Jennie-