Friday, March 07, 2008

Flashback FRIDAY!


2001 was the year we moved to Atlanta. We started the year off living in a hotel (which I LOVED!), we were building a townhome, working downtown for Delta and Coca-Cola and LOVING each other! This is also the year that I decided to get certified to teach aerobics and change my life forever....

Some of my beautiful Atlanta girlfriends
We are standing in the spot our Townhome was going to go. The Townhome
I had the funnest time being part of Big Brother Big Sister of Atlanta.

This is the coolest little girl ever.

(This was back in the day...when I wasn't scared to get a tan)
At a Nascar Race in Atlanta
Celebrating our FIRST anniversary!
Our fun family vacation to Bermuda!
Now 7 years later and many baby girls, here we are!

I think YOU HUNG THE MOON !!!!!!!!!

I love you Bud


Emily and Ryan said...

Loved Flashback Friday. What a great idea!!!

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

LOVE THIS IDEA! You both are too cute for words. Brian's facial hair is hilarious. It was neat to get a glimpse into pre-babies Edwards.

Courtney said...

I don't know why but this post made me sappy (some sad and some happy). I'm trying to process my thoughts and so far it goes like this: I L-O-V-E seeing the Jennie's and Brian's pictures before we knew you. I try to imagine in each picture what you were like then, with the different haircuts, clothing styles, jobs, cities. Then I also am sad because I wish I had known you then, too. I love to hear the stories that you tell of "those days" and I'm so thankful that we konw you now, but I wish, wish, wish that I had a complete context to fit these pictures and those stories such luck. Guess I'll just stay sappy for a while longer while I process it all some more. Miss you, by the way.

charlie&gracie said...

awww..... I miss you guys being in Atlanta.... please come visit soon!! love the swanson's

Justin and Marketa said...

Wow! It was a great treat to see those pictures of you. You look wonderful with a tan. You should try to get a tan again. And I can't believe you had short hair. You have really evolved into Supermom.

The Severances said...

OK - so I did not even know y'all worked for Coke and Delta! That is really cool. It makes me think about 7 years from now, what flashback Friday will look like as you post pics of right now and where will we all be!

Heidi said...

Love these pictures!! Mr. Goatee--hilarious!